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Authors instruction



New in 2022 template, most important:

  • Please add e-mail and ORCID Number
  • Footnotes – References to sources placed in brackets [ ] in the text will not be accepted.
  • Author’s note at the end of text

Zmiany w zaleceniach technicznych, najważniejsze:

  • W afiliacji e-mail, nr ORCID
  • Przypisy – Nie będą akceptowane odniesienia do źródeł umieszczone w nawiasach [ ] w tekście.
  • NOTA O AUTORZE: Na końcu prosimy umieścić krótką notę o autorze.

Page Setup:
It is recommended to input your paper text in this document:
Use A4 paper (In MS WORD)
Margins: Left/Right 4 cm, Top 5.7 cm, Bottom 5.1 cm
Font: Times New Roman, Colour Black

Please save the text file in .doc format. Please do not write papers in .pdf format.

– on the first page the following should be specified in the prescribed order:

[*]  affiliation: academic degree/title, first and last name, the name of the institute, faculty, university/institution, email, ORCID number


Summary (up to 800 graphic characters)
Please note: abstract should include: Purpose, Methods, Results, Conclusions of research paper!
Keywords: keyword1, keyword2…(up to 5)

(in English Language)
(min. 20 000 graphic characters with spaces)

Please pay attention to the quality of translation of text in English. Linguistic accuracy is the responsibility of the authors!

The text should contain an introduction, a main text (divided into any number of chapters) and a conclusions!

1. INTRODUCTION (font 12, space before 24, after 18 pt.)
2. HEADLINE of 1st DEGREE (font 12, space before 24, after 18 pt.)
2.1. HEADLINE of 2nd DEGREE (font 11, space before 18, after 12 pt.)
3. CONCLUSION (font 12, space before 24, after 18 pt.)

This text is the model: font size 11 pt. (Times New Roman) and Line Spacing Single.


Citations and paraphrases should be ended with a superscript number referring to the footnote1. Accurate bibliographic data should be provided in the footnotes. They are to be placed consecutively at the bottom of the page, below the line. All the sources included in the footnotes should be placed in the final list of literature/references in alphabetical order, including internet sources (with the website address and the date of access to the source).

References placed in parentheses in the text will not be accepted.


List of literature is obligatory. It should be listed in alphabetical order, according to the authors’ names. The maximum amount of references is 15. The self-citing should be maximum 10 %.

[1] Name, Book, Publishing House, Country 2000, pp 45-50
[2] Name, Complete Title of the paper, Book/Scientific Journal/ Name of the Conference, Publishing House, Country 2000, p 100

Author’s note: short description


Max 4 pages are intended for illustrations. Illustrations and figures should be numbered. Make sure the size of lettering within figures is big enough. The text should include references to all figures

All figures and images is preferable to be prepared in GREYSCALE!

Images should be in a separate file.

Bit graphics (e.g. scans of photographs, all kinds of pictures from digital cameras or collections)
– picture resolution – at least 300 dpi!
– format TIFF, JPEG

Please note!
Please, do not provide us graphic files downloaded from the Internet because the picture resolution of such files is very small  (72 dpi), which makes it impossible to print them properly (the required resolution is 300 dpi).